Electrical Services

We are dedicated to delivering safe and efficient electrical consultancy and services with our working partners to our clients through the use of specialised knowledge and relevant in-depth industry experiences.

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LEW Services

Submission of New Electrical Supply Application/ Connection  to SP Services. 

  • New  Electrical Installation Licence Application and Renewal of EMA License for 22kV and 400V Electrical installations.

  • Provision of Technical and Electrical Licensing Matters Advisory Services.

  • Attend to Electrical Faults and Abnormal situations for Switchboard or Electrical Installation.

  • Routine Site Inspection and Recommend Any Abnormalities and Malfunction of Switchboard.  

  • LEW Licensed Electrical Worker to Energised New 22kV and 400V electrical installation.

  • Electrical Equipments Failure Analysis And Recommendation.

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Electrical Maintenance and Servicing
  • Electrical Shutdown Servicing/Maintenance/Repair including:

    • 22kV/LV VCB/SF6/ACB Switchgears

    • Aircon Chillers and Genset switchboard.

    • 22kV/LV Power Cables

    • Oil/Cast Resin Power Transformers

    • HT Battery Charger

    • Motor Control Panels

    • Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks

    • Load Banks​

    • A&A Malfunction & Modification Electrical Switchgears, Protection Relays, Metering and Electrical Apparatus.

Electrical Testing
  • Commissioning Tests on 22kV and LV Switchgears such as Power Grid Pilot Wire commissioning, AC Hi Pot test, Tangent Delta test, Secondary Injection test on Protection Relays, ​DC High Voltage Cable test, VLF Cable test, Switchgear & Transformer function test, Transformer ratio test, metering VT Voltage Ratio, Sequence & Phase Angle test, Contact Resistance test, Transformer Silicone/Mineral oil Dielectric test, Generators Periodic on-load testing.....

Online Monitoring
  • On-line Partial Discharge Measurement

  • Infrared Thermal Scanning

  • Data Logging Measurements

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Transformer Silicone/Mineral Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) test

  • Arc Flash Analysis

Building Plans
PE Services
  • PE Review and Endorse Single Line Drawing

  • Lightning Protection System Endorsement

  • Project Management

  • Provision of Technical Regulation Compliance Advisory Support

  • Electrical and Power System studies