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Tay Engineering Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd provides both Electrical Professional Engineer and Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW 22kV & 400V) Licensing Services. 

The founder of Tay Engineering Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd started his own professional practice from a humble background spanning more than 35 years of accumulated industrial experiences and professional knowledge working across a wide spectrum of industries both in high and low voltage electrical and building services covering numerous projects in commercial, residential, industrial etc. related to all aspects of building services which include conceptual and detailed design, design specification, technical regulation compliance advisory, cost estimating,  contract administration and documentation, project supervision and construction management, site inspection, switchboard and equipment testing and commissioning, M&E facilities operations, maintenance and management of all electrical system, as well as provide Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) licensing Services in various parts of Singapore and Abroad.

We have supported by a dedicate teams of experienced in their respective expertise fields and competent Electrical Specialists to serve a wide range of clients ranging from commercial, industrial, office, leisure & recreational, healthcare, government buildings, statutory boards, institutions and many other reputable companies and organisations in Singapore.

The Company's objective is committed and passionate to providing professional services, reliable and trustworthy Electrical Services offer to various clients in Singapore. 

Tay Engineering Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd was awarded both the BizSAFE Star, SAC accredited, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 status. indicating our achievement of international and national standards on quality, health and safety management. We continue to push towards high level of safety compliances of our work with an assurance for our clients. This has always been of utmost priority. 

Our Specialisations

  • Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) (22kV and 400V) Services

  • Renewal and Apply EMA License

  • Electrical Switchboard Testing (22kV and 400V) 

  • Electrical Switchboard Maintenance (22kV and 400V) and Servicing

  • On line Electrical Predictive Condition Monitoring Measurement (22kV and 400V)

  • Electrical Switchboard and Equipment Replacement (22kV and 400V) 

  • Electrical  Switchboard/Installation Addition & Alteration & Upgrading Work 

  • Electrical Switchboard/Installation PE Consultancy & Project Management

Tay Engineering Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd

Address:  320A Changi Road

                 Singapore 419795

Telephone: 9661 4824 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm)

Fax: 6489 7469



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